Cohoes City School District

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Together, we can reduce chronic absenteeism in Cohoes.

In 2016-17, almost a quarter of all students missed 18 or more days of school, putting them at risk of falling behind and dropping out of school. We're taking critical steps to address the attendance epidemic so our students have every chance to succeed.







Chronic absenteeism: Missing 2 days of school a month, which adds up to 18 days (10%) a year.

Good attendance: Missing 9 days (5%) or less a year.

What is the district doing?

We're working to overcome barriers to good attendance.

We've partnered with Harmony Mills Pediatrics to offer a before-school walk-in sick clinic.

We now offer bus passes to all students in grades 6-12 to take the new Cohoes CDTA shuttle to and from school, providing safe and reliable transportation for students.

We're expanding our state-approved mentoring program to connect with at-risk youth earlier.

We need the community's help! Whether you want to display a sign in your storefront or become a mentor. Please reach out! Email


Resources on absenteeism for parents:

tracking attendance at home [PDF]

The 6 Bs that warrant a visit to the nurse [PDF]

Tips for parents to establish good attendance habits [PDF]