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2017 State Comptroller Audit
Final Audit Report
District response

2017-18 Budget


0.97% increase from 2016-17


2018-19 Budget Development Timeline

March 7 - Budget presentation

March 21 - Budget deliberations

April 11 - Budget and property tax report card presented to board for approval

May 2 - Formal budget hearing

May 15 - Budget vote and board election


Understanding New York's Tax Levy Cap

When Cohoes voters head to the polls to vote on the school budget each year, they cast votes for a budget plan shaped in part by a law known to many as the Property Tax Cap. Approved by the State Legislature in 2011, this complex law is intended to provide property tax relief. The law does not create a cap, but a threshold that determines the level of voter support needed to pass the budget every year. That threshold is different for every school district in the state.  

Tax cap fact sheet [pdf] - Three Levy Numbers

Tax Levy Limit Formula - How does it work? [PDF]


Tax levy v. tax rate

The tax levy is the total amount of money the school district raises in property taxes. Actual tax rates are dependent on several factors including assessment practices and equalization rates.

Tax rates are not set until July — after the state certifies assessment rolls for the properties in the city of Cohoes. Tax bills are sent out in September after this process has concluded. The school district has no control over assessment practices — and does not collect more in taxes than the amount it levies.


the STAR Tax Relief program Fact Sheet [PDF]

Information on tax collection>>


Business Office

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