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New course selections in social studies, math and English at Cohoes High School

February 24, 2016—Course selection is ongoing at Cohoes High School, with sophomores meeting with counselors this week to set their schedules for the 2016-17 school year. In addition to science, there are changes to current offerings, and new courses, in social studies, math and English. These changes reflect the district’s commitment to fostering a culture of high expectations where all students are supported to meet high expectations and graduate college and career ready. The new and revised courses add options for more rigorous study.


In Social Studies…

Grade 9 – Students will have the choice of taking Global Studies or Honors Global Studies.

Grade 10 – Students can take Global Studies or Advanced Placement (AP) World History. All students sit for the Global Studies Regents Exam at the end of 10th grade. Students in AP World History also take the AP exam to earn college credit.

Grade 11 – Students have the option to take U.S. History or AP U.S. History. All students take the U.S. History Regents exam at the end of the year. Students in AP U.S. History also take the AP exam in May and earn college credit.

Grade 12 – A half-year ‘American Politics’ dual credit course with SUNY Albany will be offered to students. Students may take American Politics in lieu of Participation in Government.


In Math…

• Students who had previously enrolled in non-Regents equivalent math classes will now be enrolled in Regents courses, and be given extra learning time for added support and enrichment; and

• Principles of Engineering has been restructured. Students now have the option of enrolling in Principles of Engineering I in 2016-17, and Principles of Engineering II the following year.


In English…

• Students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade have the option of taking an English elective in Sports Literature or Creative Writing;

• English 12 has been restructured with a more consistent and rigorous curriculum for college and career readiness; and

• Seniors can now take English 12 or AP English Literature.


“Not only are we encouraging our social studies honors students to do more, we’re also adding more support for our struggling students in math so they can succeed in Regents courses,” said Superintendent Jennifer Spring. “I firmly believe our social studies students will thrive in the AP classroom environment. Engaging our students in college-level work and allowing them the opportunity to earn college credit is key to preparing them for academic success beyond high school.”

The series of changes increase academic rigor at the high school to ensure all students are college and career ready—as outlined in the district’s mission, vision and goals adopted by the Board of Education last July.

Students can expect even more variety and dual credit and AP courses in future school years.

Questions about your child’s 2016-17 schedule can be directed to the Cohoes High School Counseling Department, 237-1510.