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Changes to immunization requirements for 2015-16 school year

July 22, 2015—With the start of the new school year approaching, parents should be aware that there have been changes to the 2015-16 immunization requirements for public schools. Among the changes are requirements that all children have their complete series of MMR, DTaP and polio immunizations prior to entering school. Previously, the final doses of each vaccine could be administered up until age 6.

Parents are urged to call their doctor’s office with questions and to make sure their child will be in compliance for the upcoming school year. They are also reminded to forward a copy of their child’s immunization record to the school nurse. Protecting the health of all of our students is a top priority, each and every year.

An outline of the 2015-16 immunization changes is available here: Summary of changes to Immunization Requirements.

We also encourage you to complete this Back-to-School Family Checklist from the National Association of School Nurses.