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Feedback sought on new draft statewide science standards

December 21, 2015—State education leaders recently released new statewide draft science standards and they want your feedback.

An online survey is now available to gather input from educators, parents, business leaders, community members and others with an interest in the future of science education in our public schools. Prior to taking the survey, you can review the draft NYS P-12 Science Learning Standards

The New York State Education Department’s online survey will be available online through Feb. 5, 2016. Take the survey

Feedback received will shape a final recommendation that likely will go to the Board of Regents later this winter for discussion and eventual approval.

As with any education standards, the state’s science standards are essentially a set of educational goals and expectations for what students should be learning in school. School leaders and teachers in each individual district then create curriculum based on the state’s learning standards, and then teachers develop classroom lesson plans based on this curriculum.

The draft standards have gone through several revisions thus far with input and guidance from teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders. The draft was guided by the New York State Education Department’s Statewide Strategic Plan for Science and the standards are based on the National Research Council’s “A Framework for K-12 Science Education.”

With the state’s existing science standards being nearly 20 years old, state education leaders say the updated standards are designed to ensure today’s students are exposed to modern knowledge and best practices, including business and industry expectations, so that students are better prepared to pursue college and career pathways.


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The New York State Science Education Consortium released a 3-minute video with the top 10 things to know about the draft standards.


The following documents and information may also be of interest prior to reviewing the draft standards:

Statewide Strategic Plan for Science and P-12 Science Learning Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

National Science Teachers Association

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