Cohoes City School District


Spirit Tree Connections teaches Van Schaick staff how to help students deal with stress and anxiety Collage of Spirit Tree Connections team presenting to teachers

 Van Schaick Grade School recently welcomed professionals from the Spirit Tree Connections Wellness Center in Latham to guide teachers in understanding how the body works when faced with stress and anxiety. The Spirit Tree team even covered several stress-reducing methods that could be used in the classroom, such as the tapping and sensory stimulation, visualization journey and affirmation and intention.

Recent national attention and research has focused on the affects of stress and anxiety on the development and overall health of children and adults. Studies have found that both groups can benefit from meditative and mindfulness practices.

Effective practice of meditation and mindfulness has been proven to increase focus in school, feel less stressed, cope better with challenges and resolve conflicts in a compassionate manner.

The Spirit Tree team will back at Van Schaick for a school-wide assembly to deliver some easy, self-practice tips to students.