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Colonial New York comes to life at Harmony Hill SchoolStudents dressed in colonial attire

4th graders transform cafeteria into "Old Harmony Village" living history museum

Harmony Hill 4th graders recently worked together to investigate life and economics in colonial New York. Their collaboration included studying specific jobs and trades from the time period. Teams of students became experts for their chosen topics and shared their findings with one another. Through sharing, all of the students learned about daily life in the colony and how residents relied on each other to expand and develop their communities.

On February 2, these students turned Harmony Hill’s cafeteria into the “Old Harmony Village” living history museum. Students became New York colonists in the mid-1600’s, dressed in costume and in character, to present their written research, answer questions, and demonstrate knowledge of their trades.

“As the students collaborated, they gained a real understanding of life in early New York and the theme of interdependence,” said 4th grade Teacher Tracy Margiotta. “Their research is impressive and it was a learning experience they’ll always remember.”

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Students dressed in Colonial attireOld Harmony Village sign