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Cohoes City School District considers CDTA busing option for middle, high school students

March 22, 2017—The Cohoes City School District is considering providing CDTA swipe cards to all students in grades 6-12 beginning in the 2017-18 school year. The cost to provide swipe cards to the roughly 960 eligible students is an estimated $127,500. This includes routing software and the necessary technology to issue passes. About $20,000 of the total amount would be reimbursed by state aid to cover the 50 students who live more than a mile and a half from their school building.

The proposed plan would allow middle and high school students a safe and convenient way to get to and from school using city buses. Students could also use their bus pass to get to work, an internship or go on a class field trip in the Greater Capital Region. As part of the proposal, CDTA would increase bus service to coincide with arrival and dismissal times at the middle and high schools.

“This is a very cost effective approach for us to address the growing need for a reliable and safe transportation option for our students,” said Superintendent Jennifer Spring, Ed.D. “This is also a valuable life skill--from reading bus schedules and understanding route maps to building confidence and independence. This initiative would provide access and opportunity for our students.”

The district recently completed a transportation study at all of its school buildings to measure traffic volume and flow, gauge arrival and dismissal procedures and identify student safety concerns. A copy of the report can be found here [PDF].

Added April 7, 2017:

A summary of the community survey results can be read here.

More information on New York State transportation for school districts can be found here.

Cohoes City School District 2017-18 Budget development information can be found on the Budget & Finance page.