Cohoes City School District


CHS students one step closer to earning HVCC creditsTwo students submit paperwork to receive certificates of residency from city clerk

On Thursday, September 14, Cohoes City Clerk Lori Yando provided more than 50 Early College High School foreign language students with certificates of residency, making it possible for them to earn Hudson Valley Community College credits for the successful completion of the HVCC French and HVCC Spanish courses they are taking this year.

The certificate of residency, which provides proof the students live in Cohoes, is a requirement of HVCC to issue college credit.

Last year, around 60 Cohoes H.S. students needed the certificate, but were required to go to Cohoes City Hall on their own to obtain the form. The added layer of complexity to the process prohibited some students from earning the college credit for their work. This year, Ms. Yando graciously offered to sit at the high school, to make it easier for students to get their certificates during school hours, rather than figuring out how to make it to city hall before close of business during the week.

“I think this is an example of excellent community support for our high school students,” said French Teacher Amy Frost. “These students work really hard in these advanced level courses and it would be a shame for them to miss out on earning the college credit just because of the required paperwork. We are so thankful Ms. Yando offered to come to us, to ensure no students miss out.”

Students wait in line to receive certificates from city clerkStudents wait in line to receive certificates from city clerk