Cohoes City School District

Cohoes - CDTA Bus Program

*NEW in 2017* All students in grades 6-12 can ride CDTA buses to and from school!Cohoes tripper buses on Green, Blue and Red routes

August 23, 2017—All Cohoes students in grades 6-12 can ride CDTA for free beginning on the first day of school!

Please take advantage of this opportunity and ride the bus as often as possible once school begins. The bus pass can be used on any CDTA bus route during the school year and gives students a safe and reliable way to get to and from school every day.

How does it work?

  • Students can ride free of charge for the first two weeks, even without a bus pass.

  • Route 802 is the Cohoes shuttle bus service for both the middle school and the high school.

  • The blue, red and green lines (shown at right) are the same for both the middle school and high school. The difference between the two is the timetable of departures and stops along the three lines, as well as the destinations at each of the schools. Students can ride either bus route in the morning and afternoon.

  • The Shuttle schedule, along Route 802, can be viewed and downloaded here: View the Routes and Schedule For Bus 802  [PDF]

More Questions & Answers about CDTA buses for students

There will be NO BUS PASS PICK-UP before the first day of school. Students can ride the shuttle without a pass for the first two weeks of the school year.

Questions or concerns? Contact:

Tom Kostrzebski
CDTA Transportation Coordinator
518-237-9100 Ext. 1405

Safety Guidelines & Behavior Expectations for Students Riding CDTA Buses