Cohoes City School District

Cohoes City Schools & CDTA Transportation - Questions & Answers

Who is eligible to obtain a bus pass and ride CDTA?

All Cohoes City School District students in grades 6-12 are eligible to obtain a CDTA bus pass and ride CDTA buses free of charge to and from school. Riding the bus is a privilege and students must abide by the behavior expectations outlined in the district’s safety guidelines and expectations for safe ridership. Abuse or misuse of the bus pass could result in a student’s privileges being revoked by his or her building principal.

How does the bus pass work?

Each student will be given an school-issued CDTA bus pass that serves as the student’s entry onto the bus. Students must have their passes with them at all times so they can swipe their card through the farebox for entry onto the bus. The bus pass can only be used by the student it is assigned to (not shared among family members or friends). Each swipe of the card is registered by an electronic tracking system to verify identity, routes and responsible use. All students can ride the shuttle for free for the first two weeks of school, but must then use a bus pass after the two week window closes.

What if my bus pass is lost, stolen or damaged?

Students must report the loss of a pass to the CDTA Transportation Coordinator immediately. Applications to replace lost passes may be found at each school. There is a $5 fee to replace the first lost or stolen bus pass. The fee for lost or stolen cards after that is $10. Damaged or invalid cards may be exchanged for a replacement. Bus passes can only be replaced by contacting the CDTA Transportation Coordinator Tom Kostrzebski at 237-9100 Ext. 1405.

Can I use the bus pass outside of school hours?

Yes, bus passes work on any CDTA bus along any route during the school year. Keep in mind, the bus pass will track where the student goes and when. This ensures responsible behavior and good attendance in school. Failure to use the bus pass as it is intended could result in the student’s privileges being revoked.

What if I forget my pass?

For the first two weeks of school, students may ride CDTA to and from school for free, even if they forget their pass. If a student does not have a pass when boarding a CDTA bus, he or she will be required to pay the appropriate fare to complete the trip. The current one-way fare is $1.50.

What are the bus routes and where can my child board the bus?

There are three lines designated as RED, GREEN and BLUE for student bus service. The shuttles travel along route #802.

There will be two GREEN #802 buses to accommodate students riding to and from the middle school. In the afternoon, buses will arrive at the high school and middle school 10-12 minutes before the scheduled departure to allow students time to board the bus at dismissal.
Route maps, bus schedules and stops can be found here>

What if my child misbehaves on the bus?

The district expects that all students will conduct themselves according to the district’s safety guidelines when riding the CDTA bus. Pupils who are non-compliant may have their riding privileges suspended or permanently revoked. Students are expected to follow CDTA rules and regulations and are subject to the CDTA Code of Conduct, which outlines expected behavior for all riders. The CDTA Code of Conduct can be found online at