Cohoes City School District

 Safety Guidelines & Behavior Expectations for Students Riding CDTA Buses

  • Be on time at the bus stop (ten minutes before the scheduled pick up). Schedules can be found here>

  • Students are responsible for having their district issued CDTA bus pass with them to ride the bus. Replacement passes for lost or stolen cards are $5 for the first card and $10 for all cards after the first replacement. Students must immediately report lost or stolen cards for deactivation to the CDTA Transportation Coordinator Tom Kostrzebski (

  • Behave in an orderly manner at the bus stop.

  • Wait at least 15 feet from where the bus will stop and away from traffic so that the driver can see you.

  • Wait for a complete stop before crossing the road or attempting to board the bus.

  • Cross the bus at least ten feet in front of the bus and wait for the driver’s hand signal before crossing. ALWAYS look both ways before crossing.

  • Board and exit the bus in an orderly fashion.

  • Stay in your seat, facing forward, and in your own space.

  • Help to keep the bus clean. Drinking or eating on the bus is not allowed.

  • Keep head, hands and objects inside the windows.

  • Keep track of your belongings and check your seat before exiting.

  • Respect the personal property of others.

  • Refrain from using profane, lewd, vulgar or abusive language or gestures.

  • Refrain from actions and activities that may distract the driver.

  • Follow all directions from the driver or monitor.

  • Animals are prohibited on the bus.

  • Riding the CDTA bus is a privilege. For the safety of all, it is imperative that students obey the rules.

Failure to comply with the safety guidelines listed above could result in school based discipline and/or revocation of the student’s CDTA bus pass. District officials have the right to review all CDTA bus video.