November 2017
Some Things To Remember!
No dogs are allowed on school property,
even ifthey're on a leash. This includes
our playground.

NO smoking on school grounds.
This includes in your car if you're
parked on the property.

Morning Supervision
Supervision begins at 8:25 each
morning. There are no adults
watching students prior to this
time. School begins at 8:50. If the
temperature is above 32 degrees,
students will stand outside until
school begins at 8:50
Communication is an important
part of building a relationship
between home and school.
Feel free to contact the school
if you have any questions or

Van Schaick: 237-2828

Mrs. DeChiaro: ext. 4110

Mrs. Rogers: ext. 4116

Mrs. Marer: ext. 4106
School Nurse

"At Van Schaick Grade School, We Treasure Our Education and Our Community"

The 4 B's at Van Schaick...Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible & Be A HERO.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

The first trimester ends on Nov. 21! you will receive a date and time for a report card conference. Ifyou are unable to keep the date, please call for a new one.

The conferences are on Dec. 5, or at a mutually agreed upon time with the classroom teacher.
Students are dismissed at 11:30 a.m. on December 5 so please plan accordingly.


Growth Mindset

We are spending the year telling our students to never settle for saying "I can't" but to say, "I can't YET." We want our students to know their brain is always growing and can learn. We remind them that they are
going to encounter difficult tasks when learning and they will make mistakes, but to never give up and to
continue to try and put effort into what they are doing. If you hear your child say "I can't" at home,
please remind them and say, "I can't YET"

"You can't yet, but if you keep trying and put effort in, you will get it!"

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that is beyond your reach, ifyou believe you
can achieve it.

"I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in."
-Roger Clemens


MAP Testing

MAP testing has started and will continue until October 13tr. Each class will go to the computer lab to take this test. The students will take one test on reading and another on math. The classes go down on two separate days to complete the tests. The students will take this test again in May. These assessments provide information on the progress your child makes throughout the year.


PAWS Good Attendance Mascot (Tiger)#EveryMinuteMatters

Good attendance is one of the best indicators of a child's success in school.

Please have your child here every day, unless they are sick (with a fever or vomiting).

Each month we announce the classroom with the best attendance and they are awarded with "Paws" for the month! And the winner for October was...

Homeroom 108 - Mrs. Gavitt's class!

Paws will be in room 108 for the month.


From the PTO...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Yankee Candle fundraiser! Orders should be in any day now! The PTO is offering Holiday Photos November 15 and Nov. 18. Sessions are only $35 and include ALL digital proofs and one edited digital photo! Contact to sign up or return sign-up sheet that went home!

Join the Van Schaick Grade School PTO's Facebook Group!


Classroom Celebrations

As a friendly reminder, if you are sending in treats to be shared in the classroom for your child's birthday or for a holiday celebration, the snack must be on the safe snack list. You can find a copy at the front desk or by visiting the safe snack list at


Parking at Van Schaick

Please park in a space in the lot or on the street.

Please do not park in the lot behind cars that are parked.